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How to play C64 Jet Set Willy online?

Jet Set Willy is a sequel to Manic Miner. Jet Set Willy is a flip-screen platform game in which the player moves the protagonist, Willy, from room to room in his mansion collecting objects. Unlike the screen-by-screen style of its prequel, the player can explore the mansion at will. Willy is controlled using only left, right and jump. He can climb stairs by walking into them (jumping through them to avoid them) and climb swinging ropes by pushing left or right depending on what direction the rope is swinging. The play area itself consists of 60 playable screens making up the mansion and its grounds and contains hazards (static killer objects), guardians (killer monsters which move along predetermined paths), various platforms and collectible objects. The collectable items glow to distinguish them from other objects in the room.
Willy loses a life if he touches a hazard or guardian or falls too far. He is returned to the point at which he entered the room, which may lead to a game-ending situation where Willy repeatedly falls from a height or unavoidably collides with a guardian, losing all lives in succession.
One of the more bizarrely named rooms in the game is We Must Perform A Quirkafleeg. (The pre-release name for the screen was The Gaping Pit.) This is a reference to the comic strip Fat Freddy’s Cat, a spin-off from the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers; in the original comic, the quirkafleeg was an obscure ritual in a foreign country, required to be performed upon the sight of dead furry animals.
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C64 emulator Joystick mappings
Joystick 1:Key:Joystick 2:Key:
Left:Cursor leftLeft:A
Right:Cursor rightRight:D
Up:Cursor upUp:W
Down:Cursor downDown:S
Fire:Left CTRL KeyFire:Left SHIFT Key
Touchscreen joystick emulation: tap the 4 corners and the middle position.