Great Giana Sisters -

Great Giana Sisters online playable Commodore 64 game

How to play The Great Giana Sisters online?

The Great Giana Sisters released to Commodore 64 is a 2D side-scrolling arcade game in which the player controls either Giana or her sister Maria. The game supports alternating 2 players, with second player taking control of Maria. Each level contains a number of dream crystals, which gives points when collected in order to make the game’s high score. An extra life can be gained by collecting 100 dream crystals. Extra lives can also be found in the form of hidden “Lollipop” items. Enemies can be defeated by jumping on them or shooting them after obtaining the relevant powerups. There are a lot of similarites with the well-know Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros.



Auto Start

C64 emulator Joystick mappings
Joystick 1:Key:Joystick 2:Key:
Left:Cursor leftLeft:A
Right:Cursor rightRight:D
Up:Cursor upUp:W
Down:Cursor downDown:S
Fire:Left CTRL KeyFire:Left SHIFT Key
Touchscreen joystick emulation: tap the 4 corners and the middle position.