Ghostbusters -

Ghostbusters Commodore 64 game


How to play C64 Ghostbusters online?

Thanks to modern browsers and many enthusiastic now you can play the original Commodore 64 version of Ghostbusters online. Your role is going to be to set up a ghostbusting franchise in a city with of course a seriously rising psychokinetic energy level. You need to stop the roamers from reaching the temple of Zuul. If you successfully captured a ghost, your income immediately increases. The main goal is to have $10,000 by the time the city’s PK level reaches 9999. Just click the play button below to enjoy Ghostbusters Commodore 64 online.



Auto Start

C64 emulator Joystick mappings
Joystick 1:Key:Joystick 2:Key:
Left:Cursor leftLeft:A
Right:Cursor rightRight:D
Up:Cursor upUp:W
Down:Cursor downDown:S
Fire:Left CTRL KeyFire:Left SHIFT Key
Touchscreen joystick emulation: tap the 4 corners and the middle position.