Commando -

C64 Commmando online playable game


How to play c64 Commando online?

In Commando the player takes control of a soldier named Super Joe who has to fight his way out singlehandedly, fending off a massive assault of enemy soldiers.  Super Joe is armed with a sub-machine gun as well as a limited supply of hand grenades. While Joe can fire his gun in any of the eight directions that he faces, his grenades can only be thrown vertically towards the top of the screen, irrespective of the direction Joe is facing. Grenades can be thrown to clear obstacles, and explosions from well-placed grenades can kill several enemies at once. At the end of each level, the screen stops, and the player must fight several soldiers streaming from a gate or fortress.





Auto Start

C64 emulator Joystick mappings
Joystick 1:Key:Joystick 2:Key:
Left:Cursor leftLeft:A
Right:Cursor rightRight:D
Up:Cursor upUp:W
Down:Cursor downDown:S
Fire:Left CTRL KeyFire:Left SHIFT Key
Touchscreen joystick emulation: tap the 4 corners and the middle position.