DEC PDP-1 emulator with Spacewar!
November 10, 2017
Virtual Consoles launched: online, browser based emulators for old games.
Online emulators for old games – Virtual Consoles press release
December 5, 2017

Apple II emulator is here

Now you can use online ’the home computer that’s ready to work, play and grow with you’ (as seen in a contemporary ad). Released in 1977, the Apple II (or Apple ][) was a great success so our browser based emulator collection can not be complete without it.

Core features:
  • ROM upload support
  • Pause function
  • Mouse joystick support (can be turned on/off)
  • Green screen support for full retro feeling
  • Save state function
  • CPU ‘overlocking’ feature
  • Emulated Apple II keyboard

Apple II online emulator written by whscullin, license info