Crazy Cars (DOS) -

Crazy Cars online playable DOS game

How to play Crazy Cars online?

According to MobyGames  Crazy Cars encompasses the American Cross Country Prestige Cars Race. This takes in several parts of the USA, in several powerful cars. Initially, you have a Porsche 911 Turbo in your hands, but this can later be upgraded to a Lamborghini and then a Ferrari. There are other cars on the road, which you must avoid contact with. Bumps and divots in the road throw the car off course, as does contact with any of the roadside barriers. Each race must be completed within the time limit.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t use any kind of timer and or synchronization so it can be a way too fast on faster computers.

Click the canvas below to start the game. Fullscreen button only works after the online emulator and the game successfully loaded.